Mole Killer - 500 baits

Mole Killer - 500 baits

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   The fastest treatment: the mole is eliminated within five minutes of ingesting the product.

   Ultra-appealing paste for moles.

   No taste aversion: the poison is not detectable by moles.

   Economic yield: 500 baits eliminate up to 500 moles.

   Safe for users and residents of the treatment site.

   Long-lasting action: lasting effect guaranteed for 12 months.

   Suitable for all kinds of moles.

   Easy to use: simple application directly in mole holes.


•   To be most effective, locate the tunnels created by the pests.

   Dig holes at different points in the tunnels.

Clean and remove loose soil at the openings.

•   Place one or more bait in each hole.

   Then cover the holes with soil and tamp them down.

   Wash your hands after use.