Weasel Killer - 500 baits

Weasel Killer - 500 baits

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   Fastest method: instant weasel elimination.

   Ultra-attractive baits for weasels.

   No taste aversion.

   The paste is made with fish flesh in order to present an irresistible flavor for weasels.

   Economic yield: 500 baits eliminate up to 500 weasels.

   No danger for the user and for the inhabitants of the place of treatment.

   Long-lasting action, lasting effect for 12 months guaranteed.

   Suitable for all types of weasels: ermines, ferrets, mink and polecats etc.

   Easy to use: simple application by dispersion.


•   Scatter these baits in all the corners where martens are present.

•   Check daily and rebait if any have been eaten.

•   One bait is able to eliminate a weasel up to 150 g.