Weasel Killer

Weasel Killer

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   Fastest anti-fouine for instant elimination, ensures immediate and decisive action.

   Highly effective and ultra-efficient, guarantees unparalleled effectiveness in controlling weasels quickly and reliably.

  Economic return and guaranteed profitability, a device designed to offer an excellent value for money, optimizing your costs while being remarkably effective.

   Designed to be safe for users and the environment, it prioritizes your safety and that of those around you while safely and ecologically eliminating martens.

  Provides long-lasting action and a durable effect, anti-fouine mechanism designed to maintain continuous effectiveness, bringing you long-term peace of mind.

  Suitable for all types of weasels and other mustelids, this versatile device meets all your needs for controlling weasels, stoats, ferrets, minks and polecats, etc.

   Easy and quick to use, designed for simplicity, allowing for setup and activation in the blink of an eye, without requiring any special skills.


•  Choose an appropriate location where martens frequently visit, such as dark corners, attics, barns, around walls, or less frequented areas of your garden to install the marten repellent device.

•  Dig a small hole at the chosen location to prepare the ground. Ensure the hole is deep and stable enough to effectively accommodate the device. If you intend to use it indoors, a wooden crate could also serve as a sturdy support, providing a stable base for the device.

•  Install the anti-marten device in the dug hole or wooden box, making sure it is properly positioned and stable. Check that it is correctly oriented to maximize its effectiveness against martens.

•  Activate the mechanism and, once in place and activated, the device is ready to eliminate martens quickly and effectively.

•  Regularly monitor the device to ensure it is functioning properly. Adjust as needed to maintain continuous and effective marten elimination.